Food For Thought

"Male progressives always see themselves as brothers, “bravely” joining together to rise up and overthrow the rule of their father. We should combat “male supremacy” itself, not merely “patriarchy.”" I like this quote even if I'm not sure I agree. It is in this article: This is why I will no longer call my … Continue reading Food For Thought

I Say Falling

  In between seconds, as the river rushed closer, illogically slow, the accountant counted. He counted his heartbeats, he counted the number of nights spent on the couch where he avoided the wife he no longer loved and, remembering his mother, he counted the hairs on her head after the chemo: one. He counted like … Continue reading I Say Falling


I am who I am. the depths of my soul are indescribable, indestructible and ever changing. My dimensions extend definition So no language made by meager men could tell you who I am. I must be lived, loved, and experienced to be understood.   So seek for me outside the cave; philosophizing on mountain top … Continue reading ?