I see in blue words

Soft, subtle connotations

And deep green definitions

Surfing through my mental images

With high-definition


I revel

In digital projections

Of a fragile mind

In red Helvetica

And purple times

Making the world

My canvass of words

I weave yellow dialect

Into the darkness

To brighten my world

Tying together forever

And today

In a golden eternity of now

I fire verbal bullets—

White hot steel terms—

At my enemies

And fight the power

With radical language

And call it revolutionary warfare

I love in moonlight words

Nighttime sonatas of language

And starry-eyed expressions

Of silvery days to come

I guess it is only fitting then,

That I when I cry—

Deep pools of cold syllables

Dripping slowly from my eyes—

I feel frozen,

and speechless;

blind for lack of color

and Dying for lack of words

Let me know what you think

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