Dear Lola

Dear Lola,   I found Saul. We’re in Philadelphia and you’re an idiot. He said that he has been calling you and you never pick up your phone. He has traveled half way across the country looking for you. I don’t understand why you asked me to find him. If his messages sounded so distressing … Continue reading Dear Lola


I met him sitting in the Honolulu airport yesterday.  He was noticeably overdressed for the weather making him look quite odd wearing a suit jacket in 90* weather. Though other than that he seemed to be a normal mainland American. I politely asked if I could sit next to him, seeing as how it was … Continue reading 18


She lay there abandoned. Lost, Alone. Roaming the streets of the city at night. Where her blood dripped She called home. Staining where She stripped Bare bone.     Dancing the night away To a bare tone: The beats of lust. The melody of need. Shadows frolic where they must, Not for greed.   Tomorrow … Continue reading 17

Lucky # 13

It was a tumultuous season of joy and pain; of a soul on ice and a soul on fire. You have to understand that the summer was a perfect storm. It was a global warming induced environmental manic period-the likes of which Colorado had never seen. It began with the largest blizzard in recorded history … Continue reading Lucky # 13

Chapter 12

12th Street and main was the capital of chill. It was the seventh layer of  lost souls. The holy land for people seeking their own personal grail. I’ve been told that those who live there are bohemians, dandies, bobos, beatniks and hippies but I don’t really know what those things are. The only thing I … Continue reading Chapter 12

Chapter 10

I met Saul on a trolley in San Francisco. He was with some girl named Lola who was a handful. They were drunk without alcohol with their crazy love. They were cuddling and joking loudly and blissfully unaware of all the Asian tourist eagerly snapping photos of the young lovers. Saul was dressed like new … Continue reading Chapter 10