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I seek the profound in the overlooked. I seek the marvelous in the everyday. I’m often fascinated by the way sunlight dances on the Anacostia River from the 11 street bridge  and often over whelmed by the beauty of a lost piece of art on a forgotten corner in a rarely visited neighborhood. I am consistently amazed by the lives of everyday people and enriched by the stories they so openly share with me. I firmly believe that the ability to wonder and be amazed is a muscle that will wilt if left unused. It seems to me that life becomes dull and meaningless without wonder and amazement. More than anything, I want this project, this website, to be a personal exercise regiment for my ability to wonder and inspiration for others to allow the everyday to amaze them. The unexamined life is not worth living, not because introspection produces happiness but because careful observation ensures that we will not miss the beauty of the trees for the Forrest.

3 thoughts on “About The Project

  1. Dear Well Examined Life,

    As someone who is fiercely passionate and insanely self critical, I want to let you know how much I admire your blog and your commitment to putting yourself out there. From what I’ve read, and mind you I’m not on Facebook, you seem to be somewhat of an up and coming expert on introspection and self actualization. Any advice for someone who craves intense forms of expression/communication, but only under the premise of total anonymity? I would like to do some blogging, and I want people to hear me, but I don’t want anyone to know its me. I get that I can just start blogging, but how do I write and build an audience without giving away myself? I realize the easy answer is put yourself out there and be who you are, but I want to explore life saying how I truly feel without fear of judgement. A stepping stone kind of thing…

    Any thoughts?

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    • Thanks earthlove, your support means a lot to me. The anonymity on the web can be a powerful tool for self expression. If I were you, I’d start following writers like Serendipity who write personally and without revealing who they are. Also, tagging your post is super important. It helps to spend some time on the wordpress homepage to get a sense for what people tag that will allow people to easily find you when they are looking for personal journals. Also [and I know I didn’t do I good job with this post] but try and respond to all comments as it drives participation from your followers.

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