The Power of the Pencil

[The audio above is a recording of Virginia Wolfe waxing philosophic about words and the English language]


I think of my self as first and foremost a writer. It has been my chosen artistic medium since I was 13 and I wrote a Hip Hop poem about the War in Afghanistan. I believe that the written word can be the most beautiful and powerful medium for an artist. I also believe that the act of writing is one for the most effective tools for self examination and reflection. Having to put disparate thoughts on the page with some semblance of coherence forces the mind to work through its cognitive dissonance and digest its half chewed thoughts. I hope to fill this website with writing that has forced me to sharpen my mind and gives my readers a whetstone on which to sharpen theirs. As my sister likes to say “steel sharpens steel,” so if you disagree with anything I write please comment, I’d love to discuss it.



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