Oh man, Saul was Jazz just jazz we’re talking Miles Davis highlight high life big city slickers cool cat he was down for anything up for anything we met in a back alley in Boston like five minuets ago Maybe more than 5 mins like like 3 years ago even Yeah three years ago Jazz … Continue reading Philly

Chapter 3

Saul was something else. I didn’t know him well. Then again no one knew him. So I suppose I knew him more than anyone. Never understood him though. He was remarkably simple. He didn’t like where he was, so he ran. Easy. He was running from himself. Easy. He was running towards himself. Complicated. I’m … Continue reading Chapter 3


I have a story to write. Well, I suppose it is not story per se. Seeing as how it neither started nor ended and chronology doesn’t much matter not to mention that there isn’t any plot and I’m only writing my own thoughts on this page and every other page is from someone else.  I … Continue reading Prologue


I am who I am. the depths of my soul are indescribable, indestructible and ever changing. My dimensions extend definition So no language made by meager men could tell you who I am. I must be lived, loved, and experienced to be understood.   So seek for me outside the cave; philosophizing on mountain top … Continue reading ?