Oh man, Saul was Jazz just jazz we’re talking Miles Davis highlight high life big city slickers cool cat he was down for anything up for anything we met in a back alley in Boston like five minuets ago Maybe more than 5 mins like like 3 years ago even Yeah three years ago Jazz Just Jazz We used to perform on the street corners Yeah, those were the days Nothing But our Backpacks and empty guitar case and rhymes man rhymes jazz poems spoken word music nah’mean That real deep stuff Love and loss and home you know It was all about the wind man All about the wind had nothing to live for nothing to die for had nowhere we needed to be Free falling Free falling Flying high and flying far I remember when we met it was like yesterday I think He had just arrived in Philly from ah ah ah he had just arrived in Philly from Seattle yeah  Said he was running from a memory Lost his girl in Dallas yeah Hurt like a bitch na’mean a real bitch Nah man Jazz can’t be pinned down Notes must fly man Notes must fly Papa was a rolling stone Said he try to settle He try as hard as he could but notes must fly man notes must fly You can’t keep playing the same song all the time If you play it long enough man you may forget to learn another one Na’mean another one Papa was a rolling stone So he just picked up his guitar case and stuck his thumb up in the Just waving in the air like he just didn’t care Said he cried from Cali to the Mississippi from the next girl Wanted her to stay Couldn’t stay though wanted to Didn’t drink though na’didn’t drink just played that old guitar of his Went buck-wild Didn’t care about nothing man nothing Gets to Philly clubs hops hop hop to different hot spots Meeting girls Meeting poets Don’t care about nothing man nothing Said the needle eased the pain man just eased the pain man He said man naw dog just poem and music man girls and music No job No money just poetry just music just art man Sitting in cold water flats waxing poetic man Just wallowing in the blues Running Running Running Where’s home? Home is where you hunger for Home is the place you don’t wanna leave Home is just beyond that sunrise Running Running Running Never slow down Never stop Papa was a rolling stone Note must fly man, notes must fly


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