I have a story to write. Well, I suppose it is not story per se. Seeing as how it neither started nor ended and chronology doesn’t much matter not to mention that there isn’t any plot and I’m only writing my own thoughts on this page and every other page is from someone else.  I guess that is more how we’re telling this but I guess a story is still a story no matter how you tell it. Maybe we’re telling it wrong. I don’t know maybe some stories just shouldn’t be written. We should have looked into making a documentary. Most people don’t even read books this short and nobody reads vignettes. I mean what type of tool writes vignettes anyway? Don’t you have be like over 60 and have done something amazing? That’s like writing a biography of someone who is still alive.

How about this: a quasi truthful account of actual events. That sounds better. It is a handful of years seen through the eye of a handful of people trying to get a handle on an unusual man. Though you should also think of how wonderful is this man really? Would you want to be friends with him? I mean maybe that’s why he never stayed in one place very long. Is he really great or is everyone blowing him out of portion? Well, as the narrator of this page I would have to say that my view on him is 100% accurate and the other people are probably more or less correct.

I’d have to say that he might have been great; he might be the greatest person who never really did anything. He was Di’vinci without the Mona Lisa, Mozart without music and Jack Kerouac without a road. He leaves nothing behind but a poem here or there, a picture or two and an impression on everyone he met. Then again… never mind… I hate people who start books like this. On to the story they say!

So me and Saul walk into a bar…

Let me know what you think

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