On Positive Male Role Models and International Men’s Day

This is a thought provoking post from the Feminist Skeptic at thefeministskeptic.wordpress.com. It seems pointless to have an international Mensday but if you are going to have one, the press release should read like that. While it is parody, it brings up a good point. How do expect to raise anything other than generation after generation of violent, emotionally stunted men if that’s all we show boys to look up to? Thoughts?

The Feminist Skeptic

Because apparently not every single day is already a Men’s Day, tomorrow is International Men’s Day, which is all about celebrating MANHOOD of the gender essentialist variety.

Now, they haven’t actually released a press release for this year’s theme (“Keeping Men and Boys Safe”), but they do have one from around this time last year, complete with essentialist goodies such as “[n]o matter how great a mother is, she cannot replace what a father provides to a child” and “[i]rrefutable research shows that mothers typically are nurturing, soft, gentle, comforting, protective and emotional. Fathers tend to be challenging, prodding, loud, playful and encourage risk taking”. Of course, they do not link to any of this research; we’re supposed to take it at face value, without questioning their authority.

Now, I’m not happy with the gender essentialism. And because tomorrow is the proclaimed International Men’s Day, I’m going to…

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77. With a zoomph

This is a really interest flash fiction piece by another writer I read today. The rest of his story is also really good. I suggest you take a lot at it.

300 stories

With a zoomph the canister landed in the invoice box. That was curious. The pneumatic post office had for decades been the most used communication tool but nowadays was rendered obsolete by more modern means. In fact, Griffin – the postmaster general – would probably have been made redundant long ago had anyone known he still existed.



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A Culture Of White Violence

This is an interesting video I found: http://video.msnbc.msn.com/all-in-/52626752#52626752 I find that it is a pretty good satire on how we talk about violence and race in America. I think it is especially interesting to see in conjunction with this article by Tim Wise: http://www.timwise.org/2013/08/whats-the-matter-with-white-people-a-modest-call-for-personal-responsibility/#more-3293   As I young Black man in Chicago, I have to … Continue reading A Culture Of White Violence

Food For Thought

"Male progressives always see themselves as brothers, “bravely” joining together to rise up and overthrow the rule of their father. We should combat “male supremacy” itself, not merely “patriarchy.”" I like this quote even if I'm not sure I agree. It is in this article: http://thoughtcatalog.com/2013/how-two-young-feminists-are-using-radical-feminism-to-pave-a-new-way-forward/ This is why I will no longer call my … Continue reading Food For Thought