Meditation for White People Fighting White Supremacy

Please closes your eyes, make yourself comfortable and reflect on these words.
Forget any misgivings or preconceptions you may have about meditation.
As my friend Marybeth says, it’s not that serious.
Just make yourself comfortable.
Relax and reflect upon my words:

Honor all of your emotions in this space.

And let your thoughts flow to warmer, more supportive waters.

You are being on the path to liberation.

As you breathe deeply,

Taking in all of the love and joy of the universe with each intake,

Releasing a little bit of the stress and pain with each exhale,

Imagine your soul as an endless stream.

Imagine the flow of your soul is a powerful torrent of emotion and knowledge.

It is flexible, malleable but head strong, cruising ever southward, home.

As you meditate, ride this well of feelings and information towards your greater, more authentic self.

Know that your emotions are not a distraction.

Your emotions are inherently valid.

Your emotions are data points.

Sorrow is natural response to world full of pain.

Anger is a natural response to world full of injustice.

Your joy is necessary and life-giving even in the face of oppression.

Your guilt is a learned behavior and though valid is not useful and can be released with each breath out.

Now, release your feelings of guilt with each breath out.

Feel the binds of guilt lessening as you release it from your body.

Breathe in all of the love of this space with each breath in.

Let this emotional stream that is your soul wash over you.

Let it carry away your hesitance and your fear.

You have permission to be your fullest, most gorgeous self in this space.

Let your shoulders relax.

Let you chair support you.

Enjoying the feeling of your body being supported.

As you breathe in all the wisdom and joy the world has to offer,

As you imagine your soul as an endless stream,

Breathe in deeply, exhale slowly and reflect on these words:

You are a being on the path to liberation.

You are resilient. You are powerful. You are bold.

You must transform any oppressive power over into transformative power with.

You must reimagine your power into a gorgeous, creative energy of love.

As you breathe in the power of this space,

Imagine what you could accomplish if you used your power with love instead of fear.

Imagine how free you will feel to live without unreachable standards.

Imagine the sounds and joy of our future beloved community.

Feel the power of creation within your liberated self.

Imagine how capable and expansive you will be when we are all free.

As you exhale a little bit of your hesitancy,

Breathe in more of the power of this space,

Know that you should never apologize for your existence.

You are exactly who you need to be.

You are being on the path towards Liberation.

You are a seed that has been planted and is yearning to grow.

You need not apologize for not having finished an unending journey.

You need only thank those along the way you provide you with lessons of accountability and agitation.

As you breathe in deeply,

Remember that accountability is a gift.

As you breathe in deeply,

Know that liberation is a type of collective emergence.

We are all becoming who we were destined to be.

As you breathe in all the joy of the universe, imagine yourself liberated.

As you breathe out a little bit of the stress and pain, feel yourself getting lighter

As you breathe out a little bit of the trauma and the hesitancy, feel yourself getting stronger.

Repeat the phrases: I am a being on the path towards liberation. I am a seed that has been planting and is yearning to grow until centered.

Now allow yourself to come back into your body gently. Reflect on any and all feelings of joy that you experienced. All those feelings of joy to be your north star as continue your journey to Liberation.

Meditations On Liberation


Liberation is ultimately an internal, self-reflective process even if it requires years of systemic change and collective action to be possible. Liberation means tearing down the barriers between who we are now and who we could be. Liberation is both a state and a process, each barrier destroyed, each chain broken, brings us closer to it.

Liberation means breaking the chains that limit our human potential and cultivating a communal nirvana. Liberation means believing in ourselves enough to love each other without limits. Liberation means trusting our strengths and bonds enough to be vulnerable to each other. Liberation means unlocking our greatest most authentic selves together.

Liberation means pushing ourselves past fears of inadequacy rooted in internalized oppression and into a realm of self-love which is the well-spring of communal self-determination. Liberation is not struggle even if struggle is necessary for liberation. Liberation is fully realizing that you are beautiful and together we are powerful beyond measure.

Liberation is celebrating our shared humanity through action. Liberation is making out between protests. Liberation is a meal between friends. Liberation is feeling loved, making love, spreading love, finding new love, rekindling old love. Liberation is preparing yourself to handle the soul bursting joy that healthy communities produce. Liberation is a block party, a birthday party and a wedding that can’t begin until everyone has the means, the time, the support and the invite to join.

Liberation is not dancing like no one is watching; Liberation is dancing like the world is cheering you on. Liberation is dancing like the movement in your hips is all that is keeping the lights on. Liberation is dancing like you were made to dance, like God is divine musician that just needed an audience.

Liberation is the life we lead in the narrow spaces between our oppressions. Liberation is the intimate moments where our full selves show up. Liberation is when our identities are not barriers but starting points; holy departures for interpersonal exploration; prologue not destiny.

Liberation is that good shit.

It comes in spurts and stutters and rarely all at once. It can be temporary, fleeting, and elusive. So we chase it, we long for it and search for it. We create gigantic mechanisms and machines to try and produce it yet Liberation can neither be found nor created. Liberation is all around us, we need only create space for it.

We need only destroy the soot and oppression and grime and hate and stand back as Liberation seeps into the vacuum. We do not need to destroy the old world in order to make space for the new. We do not destroy institutions of oppressions to wipe the slate clean and build a more just society. We destroy the systems of oppression because they are taking up the space where Liberation would naturally be.

Humans were not simply born free; we were born before the concept of slavery. Liberation is what will exists when slavery, privilege or rape are no longer options. Liberation can take many forms and it is not defined by its aspects. Liberation is simply the lack of social limits; it is unchained, untraumatized humanity flexing its communal muscles of self-determination.

Liberation is not an end, rather it is the most beautiful of beginnings…