Illogic is a response to messages that are beamed at us constantly in the media that are supposed to provide a framework for action and thought. Illogic is the only tool capable of destroying the current logic of being that is our illiberal society.

Dreams Of Harlem

This is a poem I wrote about 6 years ago about my feelings on cultural appropriation set to a beat I made for it on acid pro.  It is a recording of the poem previous called "blue-eyed sky."

Home Is Where You’re Fighting To Get At It: An Essay on Music and Memory in Times of Transition

My first published article! I’d like to say Thank you to everyone who has been reading this blog over the past few months. I’m am really proud of this article and I hope you enjoy reading it. This Is Rhymes and Reasons is a phenomenal website and you should look around at their other post. Their interviews are amazing and really do a great job of the dealing Hip Hop Stories. Please comment, like and reblog like crazy!

Rhymes & Reasons


by: Aaron Goggans

For years Chicago was my city, my center and my muse. Chicago was my on again, off again college sweetheart. Sure, we may have taken breaks over Christmas and Thanksgiving and I might have flirted with New York and Denver but I always knew I’d come home to her. We had gone through too many fights, birthdays, finals, and first dates for me to ever stay anywhere else too long. When I was away, she would send me mix tapes infused with that instantly recognizable Chicago sound. Sometimes, when I was lonely in my childhood home in Colorado I’d play Common or Kanye just so I could hear her voice; that wholesome, familiar sound that always reminded me of going to church.

To me, Chicago Hip Hop takes you to Cottage Grove on a Sunday morning. You can see Black people, from Englewood poverty to Beverly wealth…

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