A man comes undone

A man comes undone

Spoken word poem


The absence of substance

-The abyss-

I’m a Wasteland of

An American Tragedy

Run amiss.

Societies questioning me

While I’m pleading the fifth.

Grasping the truth in the mist.



I‘m running from life

Like it stabbed me in the lungs wit a knife.

Gasping bloody breaths

As I fall through the depths of night.

It hurts.


I’m writing to find

That Section of time

Before my heart went blind,

And the life I lived was mine.


“hovering, unshepherded and visionless, on the brink of disaster”*

Dying, falling, wavering, nothing comes after


My self constricted wish

For a life of my own the world will miss.



Bartering my karma for a drop of water.

I’m Selling my soul

But never quenching my thirst.

Drinking buckets full of coal,

Fuelin’ the flame

That’s burning me whole.

Yet, my heart still shivers

Foreseeing its deaths

And death’s toll

Ring a bell?


Flying burnt with a blind eye

Like a bat out of hell,

I’ll be back

Before my mind thinks to say a farewell.


Fare well to my past

Life, memories never to last

Shell shocked

Charred by the truth of ego’s blast

Chained away from society

An outcast.


I was caught black handed

In black face.

Gave em’ what was demanded

Just to save face…



And then it hits me

Deep dark violent

Mind left numb

The world goes silent

As I see the reflection of the chaos I’ve become


A man comes undone.


* quote taken from Baha’i writings, Tablet of Divine Justice


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