The Power of Utterance

What I need is

A word.


Something profound to start off with

One syllable that hangs in the air.

The first note of a battle score

The initial down beat before the inevitable crescendo.

There’s something tangible in it’s formation in your mouth,

a physically reality in its reflective solitude.

Lone, like the man on the mountain,

chanting his mantra

Soft to a conservatory of concerned souls

A bearded prophet of lost ages

Mystic of the time before time



Overused cliché of infatuation

Melodramatic cop out



Over emotional, teen angst

I lost my homework

The world is hell

Bull shit


I need an opener in A minor

A low, reverberating pull on your heart strings

in the beginning there was this word

Then Silence


Fear the clout of this word spoken

For there is power in its utterance

Fear not of man

For this word is from he you calls himself I am


A divine declaration

Perceptive in it’s simplicity

I need a word that commands the stars

And stops the rising sun


A soul quenching

Heart wrenching

Primal aside

Listen closely and you shall hear

This word

Let me know what you think

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