#ILoveBlackWomen Day Four: ACT!

#Sayhername national day of action graphic

It’s no coincidence that #ILoveBlackWomen is happening during the same week as the National Day of Action for Black Women and Girls. When I conceived of this project it was important that I could at least point people towards a collective action aimed at supporting Black Girls, Black Trans* Women, and Black Women. I’m really happy that BYP100 is putting on a forum for Black Women and Girls tonight. Here is a description from the Facebook event below. I encourage everyone who can to go. I also urge Non-Black people to respect the space as a Black Space. Likewise, for men to be aware of how much space you take up at this event.

“From Ferguson to Baltimore, and beyond, Black women have been on the front lines of change in our liberation movements. When we discuss the prevalence of state-sanctioned, anti-black violence in our communities, we often neglect to uplift the narratives of black trans, cis, and non-binary women, femmes, and girls, too. If we believe that Black Lives Matter –all of them– then it is urgent that we begin to shift our organizing framework into one that includes black people of ALL genders, particularly, trans and cis women, femmes, girls, and black people who experiences gender-based marginalization. Join us this Thurs. May 21st, as we honor, celebrate, and imagine a world free of violence for black people of all genders . #SayHerName. ” BYP100 For more information visit the Facebook Event.

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