She lay there abandoned. Lost, Alone. Roaming the streets of the city at night. Where her blood dripped She called home. Staining where She stripped Bare bone.     Dancing the night away To a bare tone: The beats of lust. The melody of need. Shadows frolic where they must, Not for greed.   Tomorrow … Continue reading 17

Lucky # 13

It was a tumultuous season of joy and pain; of a soul on ice and a soul on fire. You have to understand that the summer was a perfect storm. It was a global warming induced environmental manic period-the likes of which Colorado had never seen. It began with the largest blizzard in recorded history … Continue reading Lucky # 13


Oh man, Saul was Jazz just jazz we’re talking Miles Davis highlight high life big city slickers cool cat he was down for anything up for anything we met in a back alley in Boston like five minuets ago Maybe more than 5 mins like like 3 years ago even Yeah three years ago Jazz … Continue reading Philly

I Say Falling

  In between seconds, as the river rushed closer, illogically slow, the accountant counted. He counted his heartbeats, he counted the number of nights spent on the couch where he avoided the wife he no longer loved and, remembering his mother, he counted the hairs on her head after the chemo: one. He counted like … Continue reading I Say Falling