Poem I wrote in 11th grade

I’m falling-

I’m falling up the stairs,

To attic of my mind,

Free falling to heights I could never hope to climb,


I’m falling up

I don’t know how

I have no control

And the ground is growing further-

Further Away

Away from reality

Beyond neutrality

I’m fighting for sanity

Expression is banded from me

But I’m getting better-

Can’t you see?



My halo glows brighter,

As I fall higher.


Cus I’m falling up towards the sun,

Sins burned away as I’m falling towards the Son.

His arms outstretched reaching for his son.


Then I see his face-

The same face changes with the sand

Mosses, Muhammad, Abraham

Baha’u’llah, Jesus Christ.

Do you think they can see through me?

Into who I am?


Fearful, I pull the vice on my parachutes

I need to stop this ascent

I’m not good enough to repent


I fly Down.

Out of my mind

Back to the prison of my body.

I slide into the sick comfort I find

Amongst the harshness of material reality

Which is never kind

Living where I think I should

In the ghetto of my self constructed Neighborhood.

Let me know what you think

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