Where I’m from

I come from the colored section,

Negro portion,

red beans, rice, an colla greens.


I come from UC schools,

L.A High ,

Brooklyn Pools,

and Meager means.


‘wading in the water’

in Alabama backwoods.

and gospel benedictions

in Tennessee Baptist Churches.


I come from communal towns

from the Dakotas down

by way of Chicago steam.

Then on Irish tracks

Black migration back,

To the Jazz city where history sings


Cus railroads can’t erase the past

If trumpets tap its theme.


I come from those who crossed the Mighty Mississippi.

Rolled through amber waves of grain.

Climbed Purple Mountains majesty.

Whose descendents will make history bare their name

Both maiden and married a’ famed.


I come from black school teachers

and university of Chicago janitors

to  U of C student

The son of corporate business managers.

I come from single mothers

and working fathers

from share cropping daughters

To men who are locally canonized as martyrs.


Like a child Born of Eden

Raised by the Angels

Who bath and feed them

I am the product of my atmosphere

An’ it took a divine village to raise me.

Let me know what you think

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