The Rob Wohl Story

For those of you not in the know, Rob Wohl is my dear friend, running buddy, roommate and straight man. He is The Man Of Many Meetings. The Vanguard Of White Liberal Guilt. The Protector Of Semi-Relevant Leftist Ideologies.  A K-Pop Scholar and much more. Here is a list of the titles for the many volumes of Rob Wohl’s Memoirs.


Rob Wohl

1.You’ve Made A Powerful Enemy Today
2. Our fight is freedom; the Nate Turner Rebellion: The Rob Wohl Story
3. Death Camps For Whitey
4. Unbearable Whiteness of Being
5. So Much Guilt So Little Time
6. Sophie’s Choice

sophie's choice
7. “We’ve Figured Out What We’re Going To Fight About” A Love Story
8. Maybe It Would Be Better If I Knew Less About The World
9. Kill Whitey
10. Its Wasn’t A Crime, It Was Just A Clash Of Cultures
11. It’s Been Said That Rob Wohl Is A Powerful Social Vector For Change
12. Prom King of Occupy
13. The Rob Wohl Story Vol. 6 “Its Been Real”
14. Capital 2
15. How I Saved The Bees and Other Stories
16. Just Do It Boo!
17. It Came To Me When I Was High
18. How Did You Get Into This Line Of Work [And other things I ask strippers]
19. He Said Yes. The Rob Wohl Story

20. Collective Residual Anger The Rob Wohl Story
21. Fear And Loathing In Ikea
22. The Rob Wohl Story Vol 1: Destroying the Petty Bourgeois Ideology About the Political Neutrality of Childhood
23. The Patriarchy Is Insecure
24. Whatever Cracker You’re Just Jealous
25. How Can I Have Privilege If Sometimes I’m Sad: The Rob Wohl
26. If Opinion Were Ass Holes: The Rob Wohl Story
27. On The Yuppie Question


28. I’ll Condescend To Your Juvenile Politics Later
29. OWS may have failed as a social movement, but hey I got laid

30. Constant State Of Arousal: My Life With Sophie Vick
31. Die Yuppie Scum
32. Unsubscribe, Rob, Choose Life!
33. A Contribution To Hegel’s Critique Of Weed and Gundam
34. Rob Wohl Story Vol 7 “The Great Facebook Drought”
35. Full Fucking Communism
36. Hating So Hard [The Rob Wohl Story]

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