I Reject Your Bourgeoisie Notions and Other Potential Titles For My Memoir

Swagger Like Us

1.My life in the Smaller Yet Still Impressively Vast Left Wing Conspiracy
2. The New New Negro
3. Blacker Than Obama
4. The Blackest Man Around—Why All My Friends Are White
5. The Unbearable Boughieness of Being
6. Vegan Straightedge in the Era of Beer and Bacon
7. Vegan Straightedge [and other things I’ve tried for a month]
8. What Happens to a Dream Defaulted?
9. Why didn’t anyone comment on that post? [and other things that stress me out]
10. Faking It Till I Marry Someone Whose Made It
11. Das Yo Family [Life As “Those People”]
12. Rarified Air—Growing Up Black at 6,800 ft
13. Ashy Elbows
14. Good Morning Philosophy, its Aaron
15. Impenetrable Darkness
16. An Unexplained Fear—The Phobias That Shaped My Life
17. Charmingly Neurotic
18. Uncorrected Proof
19. If These Sweats Could Talk
20. My Presence Here Is Charity
21. Never Do For Yourself What Other Are Willing To Do For You—and other advice I gave my niece
22. Unless You Find Yourself In Dire Need of the Friendship of White Person: Avoiding Camping At All Cost
23. Get Some Order About Yourself: The Buddy Boy Years
24. Natural Born Wingmyn
25. How Not Okay Is This?
26. Rosy Doesn’t Have Black Gums—Aaron Goggans The Elementary School Years
27. “Why Are You Still Crying?”—Aaron Goggans The Middle School Years
28. “Wait, You’re On the Football Team?”—Aaron Goggans the High School Years
29. “So, Are You Gonna Comb Your Hair Or….” –Aaron Goggans The College Years
30. “Guerrilla Pooping…That’s All I’m Saying” –Aaron Goggans Campus Organizer
31. But He’s Such A Nice Guy…
32. Just Throwing This Out There
33. It’s Not Who You Know or What You Know… Its Who Knows Your Sister
34. Ashy and Unapologetic
35. I Blame The Schools
36. It Makes Sense If You Don’t Think About It

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